About Us

Symbolsink Co Ltd handmade stainless steel sink factory produces high quality handmade stainless steel sinks that are recognized and praised by numerous sink experts. Thanks to the quality of our work, we have received high honors and praises from respected members of the industry. The sinks produced by our factory are truly eye-catching and they certainly make our customers a proud seller.


The first thing that you’ll definitely notice when you see our handmade sink is our surface finish. Our soft setting surface finish is unique and it brings out the beauty of the sinks. With the technique that we use, the sink’s surface looks uniformed. This finish separates the high end handmade sink from the others. One look and any expert would understand how this finish differs from others.


Our team of engineers is composed of experienced members of the industry who understand what it takes to produce high quality sinks. They have worked in the industry for many years; they use their experience and knowledge of multiple innovative techniques to produce innovative sinks. Our team uses a specialized technique in welding the handmade sinks, this technique makes that sinks look perfect and unblemished. The welding marks won’t be visible unlike most handmade sink.


Thanks to our high quality handmade sinks, we have had the pleasure of working with numerous well-renowned brands in the industry. For years our experience and continuous relationship with these respected brands brought us great pride. We understand how much importance these brands give to every aspect of their products, and we are competent in offering the OEM services that they require. Please feel free to visit our factory and see how we manage and produce our sinks.