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Choosing the Right Sink Parts and Accessories

Choosing the Right Sink Parts and Accessories


Having a new kitchen can be both exciting and tiring. The tiring bit of course is choosing the right theme for your kitchen, choosing the right undermount sink to match your kitchen. However, once everything is installed correctly and everything matches according to your theme. Then finding The following are some important sink parts and accessories that can go well with your new installation.


Mounting Clips

Sink clips, or mounting clips are used for installing sinks. If you have purchased a sink to be installed in a DIY (Do It Yourself) manner, then you will need mounting clips. These clips help to hold the sink in place while the eventual adjustments are being done, such as affixing the sink to the cabinet with the help of plumber’s putty. It holds the sink firmly in place to allow more permanent attachments and long term stability.

Mounting clips are most commonly available for stainless steel undermount sinks. When buying a sink mounting clip, make sure that it will work for the kind of sink you are planning to use on. There are different clips available for undermount and countertop types. They are usually available in packs up to 10, which is quite adequate for the installation of one sink, regardless the area you're installing inside your home.

When buying the sink mounting clips, there should be some other bits and parts that comes with them. Specifically, you may have to look for mounting clips with bolts, or lugs. A set of clips with a wingnut and a perforated base having a threaded stud are also available. Make sure you ask for expert opinion or consult with your manufacturer to ensure you're getting the right sets



A strainer is a good idea to have for your sink, especially in the kitchen. It fits into the sink drain and prevents any big particles from flowing into the drain, which might lead to a clog. Since there are different types of sinks, there are also different types of strainers. That's why it is very important you should know about the size of the sink drain so that it will fit well.

The best strainers are those made of stainless steel. Chrome and plastic strainers are also available as a cheaper alternative. The common style you will find among strainers is a basket style. When buying a sink strainer, make sure you buy the deepest one possible because then it will be able to hold more wastes, so you won't not have to clear it too often.


Strainer Plug

You may think of adding a sink strainer plug if you want to hold water in your sink. Many people use it for the sole purpose of defrosting their meat and vegetables. Since most food nowadays comes in frozen packages, this is a very healthy and natural way of defrosting and preparing your meals. It is also a great way to keep some items soaked in soap water for a while to get the grease out.

When selecting your strainer plug, the most important thing that you have to make sure of is that the plug must fit on the strainer. Most ones you purchase should already come with the plug, so you should be able to secure it completely. By getting the right one, it should not allow any water to flow out into the strainer or into the drain.


Other Accessories

You may want to consider the following accessories as well:

  • A drain board to help your washed utensils to drain off their water into the sink,
  • A soap dispenser, and
  • A drain grid to hold utensils as they are draining off water, etc.