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Product Focus: Stainless Steel Sink Mounting Type

Product Focus: Stainless Steel Sink Mounting Type



Sink mount is generally chosen according to preference, existing counter configuration, and/or budget. This is a thorough introduction to all available sink mounting to help you decide which mounting type is the most suitable for your kitchen.


Top-mount / Drop-in

top-mount also known as drop-in sink is one of the most cost-effective sink, it is also the easiest to install. This sink type is called drop-in sink, as it is quite literally “dropped in” to a hole in the counter top and the lip sitting on the top edge of the countertop to seal the sink in. It can be a hassle to clean as dirt and germ may build up around the perimeter of the sink as time goes by. This type of mounting also offer styles with drain board; which can be very useful during food preparation and dish washing.



An Undermount sink is the most popular mounting as it is the most sanitary and easiest to maintain. The sink is mounted underneath the counter; the lip of the sink is attached to the underside of the countertop.  As there is no separation between the counter and the sink,; water and crumbs may be swept directly into the sink.  When installed an undermount sink doesn’t have any visible lip where germs and dirt can build up which makes it easier to clean.



Farmhouse-style or apron-front sinks are currently trendy sink mounting. The front end of a farmhouse sink is exposed and usually juts past the front of the base cabinet. While farmhouse sinks are traditionally large and single-bowl, they are available in other configurations as well. A farmhouse sink can be dropped in, undermounted on three sides; just beware that some sit slightly higher than the countertop, resulting in a dirt-attracting seam.