About Us

By using our passion for innovation and technology, Symbolsink has successfully established our reputation as a leading manufacturer of world class high end stainless steel sink. Our commitment to quality, state-of-the-art production technology, and strict management aided us in fulfilling our goal. Symbolsink works with well-renowned brands, those whose high-quality products are recognized worldwide. We understand the services and the strict quality control that prominent brands demand from their suppliers. Our distinguished OEM services are recognized for its unique qualities.


Symbolsink considers our staff as one of the vital part of our company. We make sure that each and every member of our team is experienced and is competent in fulfilling their task. Our insightful staffs are known for demonstrating leadership, for accepting accountability, and for their commitment to lifelong learning. Employing hundreds of qualifies workers, Symbolsink understands how each and every one of our staff represents the integrity and the values of our company. Especially our sales delegates who spend quality time with our customer. So we make sure that our staffs are in a safe, healthy and environmentally sound workplace. For we believe that the happier and more satisfied they are, the bigger and rewarding their work would be. Our educated sales department is always remembered for its excellent services and ingenious minds.


The ever-changing demands of the industry have encouraged us to develop and expand our capabilities at a remarkable rate. Just last year, we have expanded to a new factory in Malaysia. This expansion aims to support, serve, and bring competitive advantage to our clients. Reaching the highest level of organizational effectiveness allowed us to monitor, control, manage, and regulate our productions. Symbolsink achieve superior result by leveraging cross-functional teams, and coordinating each and every aspect of our workforce. This level of organization was not easily achieve but is highly valuable to us. The productivity and efficiency of our workforce sets us apart, and it is highly appreciated by our clients.