Malaysia Factory


In 2012 a petition for anti-dumping and countervailing investigations on drawn stainless steel sinks from China was initiated; shaking the industry and changing its course. Many fought against and lost the battle to maintain the course of the industry. Both USA and Canadian Importers are imposed up to 65%-80% of duties for all drawn stainless steel sinks imported from China. Due to the new laws governing the importation of stainless steel sinks from China, many North American importers are affected and are forced to make drastic changes in their way of business.


In order to support and resolve our customers’ concerns SYMBOLSINK CO LTD has decided to build a new factory in Malaysia. On January 2013 a new stainless steel sink factory was built in No. 19, Jalan Kamunting 2, 48300 BKT Beruntung, Serendah, Selangor, Malaysia. The new equipments have been bought and are shipped to the new factory. After the 2013 Chinese New Year, the new factory started the production of the sinks. Providing quality products are important to us, which is why upon starting the production of the sinks, the certifications for the sinks was process.And now,  We have passed and received our cUPC certification!


Our new factory is set to aid all affected stainless steel sink importers.


The new factory would have the latest and advanced equipments and at the same time possess team of experts with years of experience in the industry. The factory may be new but the techniques and quality management that we’ll apply into it comes from years of experience in the field.


SYMBOLSINK CO LTD's sink production has already begun and is accepting orders. You are welcome to visit our new factory!




Malaysia Factory Photos